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This wiki page was originally created by the Badge Alliance under a Creative Commons BY-SA license. Updates by We Are Open Co-op fall under the same license

From the beginning of the badges work, we designed the Open Badges Infrastructure to encourage and support development throughout the community. This architecture means that many open badges partners have offered to help support you and your organization.

As the badging work has grown, we have encouraged our badge issuing community to curate this list of platforms. Below is a list detailing some of the platforms available to support your badge system development and deployment.



Accredible helps you to design, create, deliver and manage open badges.


  • Work with badges, certificates and Blockchain within one platform.
  • Design, create, deliver and manage digital badges.
  • View detailed usage reports, track referrals and impressions for your programs.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Visual badge designer.
  • See how it works here and sign up here.

Contact: Duncan Mitchinson, Head of Customer Success, Accredible



Badgecraft offers a multilingual platform to manage any achievements using Open Badges.


  • Learning providers can easily set up their badge projects, create and issue Open Badges, assign roles to users (e.g. owner, manager).
  • In progress: Badge issuers can define quest-based criteria, type of evidence and assessment.
  • Badge earners can display, share and download their Open Badges.
  • Trusted partners are constantly adding new languages with the help of integrated translation tools.
  • Features of the platform are developed in close cooperation with learners, learning providers and employers.

Contact: Nerijus Kriauciunas, CEO & Co-Founder

Badge List


Badge List helps you collect and validate learning evidence and award Mozilla Open Badges to your learners, all without setting up servers or software.


  • Badge List helps you quickly create an online learning group. Within the learning group you build a collection of open badges representing important skills. Each badge can have a custom rubric which defines the evidence required to earn it.
  • Learners are are able to submit learning evidence in a simple blog-like online workspace. You can provide feedback on each piece of evidence they offer. When a badge is awarded, the learning evidence is automatically linked to the Open Badge, helping provide valuable context about the learner’s achievement.
  • Badge List is mobile-device compatible and completely cloud-based, so you don’t have to have a server or setup any software to use the platform. Badge List is free for public groups and small private groups.




BadgeFactor is a WordPress plugin allowing the implementation of a system of digital badges that combines several features of BadgeOS, BuddyPress, Gravity Forms and Advanced Custom Fields in a coherent and autonomous way. It's an Open source project.


As an administrator, the dashboard allows :

  • Manage learner profiles

  • Create and configure digital badges

  • Issue digital badges (submissions and nomination)

  • Managing Organizations

  • Viewing statistics (reports)

As a user, the digital badge portfolio allows:

  • Create profile (photo, biography, information)
  • Manage a portfolio of obtained digital badges (public / private, category)
  • Sharing digital badges on the Internet

Contact: Geoffroi Garon-Épaule, CEO, Pygmalion



BadgeOS™ is an operating system for fostering engagement and recognizing achievement. Available as a powerful free plugin to WordPress, BadgeOS lets you easily create, organize and assess activities, reward achievements, and issue badges as participants succeed.


  • Create and manage a complete constellation of badges and activities, easily defining an unlimited number of achievement types and how they relate to one another.
  • Choose from a quickly growing set of built-in and add-on assessment types and badge and achievement triggers, such as: expert review of submissions; peer nominations; quiz and test score results; verified interaction with third party resources, such as open educational materials; completing a sequence of steps; using claim codes; and other automatic triggers.
  • Extend your system with add-ons for things like rewarding a wide range of community contributions, tracking and analyzing engagement, or integrating with open source learning management systems.
  • Free support available for getting started with BadgeOS, including free webinars on badge system design.

Learn More about free support and benefits available through the special  Badge Alliance / BadgeOS Support Program

Contact: Hope Kandel, Director of Partnerships, BadgeOS



Badgetree™ is a badge issuing application in Spanish. Users can create issuers and badges for non enterprise recipients for free.


  • Easy tu use: users can login with social network accounts and quickly create an issuer and badges.
  • Fully functional Version 2.0 badges
  • Integration with third party platforms via API available

Contact: Jordi Rosquillas, CEO, Badgetree



Developed by the lead authors of the Open Badges 2.0 specification, Badgr is a digital badge and stackable pathways ecosystem serving millions of users in over 50 countries. Badgr is the platform selected by Mozilla to replace the Mozilla Backpack. Issue unlimited badges for free at or join the Badgr open source community at


  • Issue, receive, and manage Open Badges from any source - all from one free, integrated account.
  • Build easy-to-understand, cross-organizational Badge Pathways with automated issuing rules.
  • Discover new badges and new learning/work opportunities based on the badges in your Backpack.
  • Badgr is the native badging system of Canvas, and offers integrations with many other platforms.
  • White label services and enterprise deployment are available.

See how it works here and sign up here.


  • Nate Otto, Director, Open Badges, Concentric Sky



Bestr is a proprietary badge issuing platform developed by CINECA and is the Italian contact point for open badges.


  • Includes connection to learning resources for given badges and endorsement by employers for badges. Free for learners, a service is offered to employers and training providers to design and issue open badges.
  • Integrates with social media

Contact: [Ravaioli], CINECA

Overview: is a cloud service for Canada hosted by Learning Agents, in partnership with Discendum, developers of Open Badge Factory.


  • CanCred Factory offers organizations a flexible and secure platform for designing, creating, managing and issuing their own badges. It also offers an extensive reporting system so organizations can monitor how their badges are being used.
  • Current features include: badge applications, milestone badges; multilingual badges; evidence uploads to OBF server; user role management (admin, creator, issuer); simple badge creation and issuing interface; community features including badge class sharing by issuers; integration with Moodle/TotaraLMS, Mahara, Blackboard, Canvas, Schoology and D2L Brightspace and as well as open API for third-party plugins.
  • Features coming soon include: endorsement
  • Tiered subscription service for badge issuers with a free option.
  • Free storage and display service for badge earners on the companion platform CanCred Passport, a robust alternative to Mozilla Backpack and a badge community for Canadian badge earners.
  • Dedicated Passports for other badge communities can be built using Salava, an Open Source code base. In Canada, the best example is eCampusOntario Open Badge Passport.

Contact: Don Presant, President, Learning Agents Inc.



Canvabadges has been shut down and all users migrated to Badgr.

Create by Mouse


Create by New York City based non-profit learning organization, Mouse, is a learning platform to build, collaborate, and share through STEM and Creative Computing.


  • Mouse Create projects and courses help educators build an environment for learners to explore, deepen, and practice creative and technical identities.
  • Educators on Mouse Create build a playlist of projects and courses for their group. Many projects are associated with digital badges.
  • a “My Work” feature within the profile area that allows users to curate, categorize, and export the work created and stored on Mouse Create into a zip file for saving anywhere.
  • Mouse’s Create platform incorporates a third-party API offered by

Contact: Marc Lesser, Chief Learning Officer, Mouse



<a href="">Credly is a complete, one-stop platform for recognizing achievement. You and your organization can easily create, issue and manage badges, while earners curate, display, and share them on social and professional networks, the Mozilla Backpack and elsewhere.


  • An end-to-end credential and badge management system for issuers and recipients alike.
  • Everything you need is in one place. There’s nothing for you to host and no other tools are needed.
  • Issued badges, badge assertions and evidence files are secure and always available to your earners.
  • Features include identity verification, institutional branding, one-click and bulk issuing, and the ability to easily and automatically share badges on social media and personal or professional sites.
  • You can also issue badges via WordPress, Drupal, and <a href="">other apps and platforms or tap into the  <a href="">Open Credit API to integrate credentials and Open Badges into your own apps and sites.
  • Publicly available platform for free, plus free webinars and support for badge system design.
  • With a low-cost <a href="">Credly Pro account, you can also issue badges from popular systems like Eventbrite, Salesforce, and MailChimp.

<a href="!/create-account">Create an organizational account to get started.

<a href="">Contact us for support or free Identity Verification for Badge Alliance members.

Contact: <a href=""> Jonathan Finkelstein, CEO, Credly

Credly's Acclaim Platform


Credly's Acclaim Platform partners with recognized brands to issue badges employers value.


  • Provides a range of services to allow credential issuers to design, deliver and support recognition for professionals.
  • Connects professionals to learning experiences and career pathways through clear communication and validation of skills.
  • Utilizes robust reporting features to ensure credentials are relevant and well-received in the job market.
  • Originally backed by Pearson, the Acclaim division was acquired by Credly, Inc in April of 2018.
  • See how it works here and sign up here.

Contact: Ryan Deitch, Vice President, Sales, Credly



<a href="">ForAllRubrics is the rubric and badging platform for teaching and learning that is free for teachers. Go to the <a href="">ForAllRubrics blog to read <a href="">all 13 reasons to use ForAllRubrics as Your Badging Platform


  • Create, organize, and share basic badges with your communities, or explore more advanced badge design options for standards alignment and for self- and peer-issued badges. System administrators can easily manage learners and their badges.
  • ForAllRubrics can support your efforts to build a badge system for your communities or a badge platform for your organization.
  • ForAllRubrics includes iOS and Android apps for issuing badges offline, and is free for teachers, with other paid options for school and district administrators.

Contact: <a href="">Karen Jeffrey, Founder & President, ForAllRubrics



<a href="">Makewaves is the social learning environment that provides social media for education. Young people can take part in fun learning missions created by high profile partners and earn badges and rewards for their work.


  • Makewaves for Schools: a simple and safe solution for schools wishing to create and manage open badges across a school campus. Makewaves for Schools enables teachers to create and share badges with groups, track progress, award badges, and celebrate achievement at scale. Students can browse a public badge library and direct their own learning. Organizations can use Makewaves to reach out to thousands of schools with their own badge programmes, enabling them to run competitions, measure impact and showcase student work.
  • Makewaves Custom: integrate OpenBadges into your website or develop your own Open Badge community. Working alongside <a href="">DigitalMe, Makewaves can help to define a badge strategy and support its roll out within your organization. The communities we build draw on functionality from within Makewaves or BadgeKit. Makewaves Custom offers a flexible and scalable solution based on your organization’s short and long term badging strategy.
  • Free version includes training and support for any school – create 3 badges and issue unlimited badges from other educators at <a href=""> For platform builds used by WWF, Trinity College London and others, see <a href="">

Contact: <a href="">Mark Riches, CEO & Co-Founder, Makewaves

NOCTI and Nocti Business Solutions (NBS)


These two firms <a href="">NOCTI and <a href="">NBS utilize the same badging foundation but serve two different customer groups. NOCTI provides a customized platform along with guidance and consulting services for the implementation of badging projects of any scale. Our particular niche is workplace learning, assessment, and industry credentialing. We provide psychometric, development, graphic design, assessment and badge delivery, and consulting services tailored to meet your needs. We believe that technical competence and digital badging go hand-in-hand and we provide individuals the capability to share their competencies on social and professional networks, the Mozilla Backpack, or on his/her individual resume.

<a href="">NBS provides a <a href="">customized platform along with guidance and consulting services for the implementation of badging projects of any scale. Our particular niche is employee assessment and recognition, <a href="">trade association credentialing and <a href="">prior learning assessment. Like our sister company, NOCTI, NBS provides psychometric, development, graphic design, assessment and badge delivery and consulting services tailored to meet your needs. We believe that technical competence and digital badging go hand in hand and we give individuals the capability to share their competencies on social and professional networks, the Mozilla Backpack, or on his/her individual resume.


  • Overall consultation regarding badging benefits and alignment to company, association or institutional desires/needsTailored contracts to fulfill identified needs
  • Availability of the following services as needed:
    • Design or development of assessment rubricsStandards development assistance
    • Validation and/or metadata assistance (national, statewide, local)
    • Custom graphic assistance (commercial artist on staff)
    • Secure and reliable hosting of badges, assertions, and evidence
    • Individual account establishment
    • Badge analytics
    • External integration using a secure API
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Hosting of existing badges

Read our articles on the <a href="">promise of digital badging (pdf) and the <a href="">practicality of digital badging (pdf).

<a href="">Contact us for a no-obligation discussion of your needs or for a list of current clients.

Contact: <a href="">John Foster, CEO, NOCTI

Learning Objects

Learning Objects is a Cengage Company.

Open Badge Academy


<a href="">Open Badge Factory (OBF) details coming soon!

Open Badge Factory


Open Badge Factory (OBF) is a user-friendly and cost-efficient cloud service developed and hosted by Discendum Ltd., a Finnish eLearning service provider that has operated over 17 years. Open Badge Factory offers tools for creating, issuing and managing Open Badges and badge ecosystems. Any type and size of organisation can use the platform and choose a suitable service level depending on their needs. Training, webinars and consultation is also available.


  • OBF offers organisations a flexible and secure platform for designing, creating, managing and issuing their own badges. It also offers an extensive reporting system so organisations can monitor and track how their badges are being used.
  • Current features include: endorsement, alignments, badge applications, milestone badges, multilingual badges, sub-organisations, advertisement of badges in sister service Open Badge Passport, branding, evidence uploads to OBF server, user role management (admin, creator, issuer), simple badge creation and issuing interface, community features including badge class sharing by issuers, integration with Moodle/TotaraLMS, Mahara, Blackboard, Canvas, Schoology and D2L Brightspace and as well as open API for third-party plugins.
  • Tiered subscription service for badge issuers with a free option. Enterprise level offers possibility for a dedicated Open Badge Passport for organisations and Badge Record Storage to save badge data to own servers.
  • Badges issued with Open Badge Factory go automatically to the badge earner's Open Badge Passport account.
  • Free storage and display service for badge earners on Open Badge Passport, a robust alternative to Mozilla Backpack. Possibility to also create portfolio pages with badges and share those anywhere online. Badge Gallery for users to see what kind of badges are being issued all over the world. Social features.
  • Dedicated Passports for other badge communities can be built using Salava, an Open Source code base.


Overview: provides a versatile, secure and easy way of awarding Open Badges and recognising achievement, from completing everyday tasks to accomplishing long-term goals. enables badge earners to celebrate their achievements, share their badges on social media or collect them within their unique branded backpack.


  • Simple to use and very easy to get started
  • Free and premium plans
  • Ability to add organisation own branding, customize email content and support for dedicated login page
  • API to issue badges directly from 3rd party applications
  • Advanced rules based badge issuing

Contact: John Bentley, Product Manager

Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU)


<a href="">P2PU Badges are free, open, and community-driven. Our community features Badges from Mozilla, Wikimedia, Creative Commons and the National Writing Project.


  • Peers identify skills, give each other long-form feedback on projects, and iterate to improve in the open. Learners can share their badges on Twitter, Google+, and embed the badge as an iframe.
  • Feedback and support available from the vibrant P2PU crew.
  • <a href=""> is a free service, but additional assistance and consulting options are available (see contact details below).

Contact: <a href="">Vanessa Gennarelli, Learning Lead, P2PU

ProExam Vault


<a href="">ProExam Vault provides badge issuers with a flexible, cost-efficient means of creating, issuing, managing and tracking digital badges, and badge earners with an intuitive, powerful platform through which they can claim, manage, and share their digital badges. Open Badge export features will be available in Fall 2015.


  • Fully optimized for mobile and desktop access.
  • Badge issuers can issue badges via API, bulk upload, or directly to an individual.
  • Badge earners have an unmatched array of options for sharing and displaying digital badges via email, social media, and professional sites.
  • Robust analytics give badge issuers critical insight into the behaviors and preferences of both badge earners and badge consumers.
  • The publicly accessible badge verification page updates automatically to reflect changes in a digital badge’s status (i.e. valid vs. expired).
  • Hiring organizations can validate the authenticity of a digital badge as well as the badge earner’s identity against a unique identifier (such as a certification or license number).
  • See how it works <a href="">here.

Contact: <a href="">Martin Brutosky, Vice President, ProExam Technology



<a href="">RedCritter is a comprehensive recognition platform promoting employee and/or student engagement through the use of powerful game mechanics including: badges, certifications, skill tracking, virtual currency, leaderboards and more.


  • Free customizable and graphically rich profiles for showcasing achievements.
  • Free mobile apps for viewing and issuing achievements for all mobile operating systems.
  • Robust administrative options to create, customize, and configure recognition tools.
  • Streamlined teacher solution to enable quick and easy recognition of students and easy integration with Google Classroom and Office 365.
  • Flexible strategies for distribution of achievements including NFC, voice recognition, automation with existing systems, mobile and more.
  • Instant provisioning and free 30 day trial for all plans.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting.
  • Trusted by Fortune 100 companies and teachers across the world.

Learn more about our Teacher solution by visiting <a href=""> and our Enterprise solution at <a href="">

Contact: <a href="">Dan Hoffman, Director of Business Development, RedCritter

Remix Learning


<a href="">Remix Learning provides an easy-to-use, customizable cloud-based social learning network for primary and secondary education, that can be quickly and affordably implemented in schools and after-school programs.


  • Schools, organizations and communities can easily setup and customize their own social learning networks.
  • A fun, accessible, social platform with a straightforward user and content management system.
  • Free for K-12 non-profit up to 25 students as part of a public badging and challenge platform. Paid option available for private badging and challenge platforms, larger non-profits, post-secondary, and for-profit organizations.

Contact: <a href="">Dr. Nichole Pinkard, Chairman & Chief Scientist, Remix Learning



<a href="">Youtopia allows you to build a custom solution for your communities. Whether you’re a school, greek organization, non-profit, or business, you can customize Youtopia to fit your needs with our help along the way.


  • Create activities that align with your curriculum goals, including Common Core State Standards. Set goals and build badges to easily evaluate engagement, track progress and recognize achievement. Build custom reports that seamlessly connect with your student information system. Enabling data driven decisions at the classroom, school and district level.
  • Other services offered by Youtopia include: badge system design consulting, professional development, LMS/SIS integration and live support.
  • Freemium and Premium offerings for any size class, school, non-profit, or after school program.

Contact: <a href="">Simeon Schnapper, CEO, Youtopia