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The Open Recognition Toolkit (ORT) is an evolving resource which will eventually become a comprehensive handbook on Open Recognition. It was launched on stage at ePIC 2023.

Get started

This toolkit was developed with a number of personas in mind. To make it easy for people to find their way, we have two different entry points:

πŸ€” "I want to know more about Open Recognition"

Choose this page if you're unsure about what Open Recognition is, or want to deepen your understanding.

πŸ™‹ "I want to be recognised!"

Choose this page if you are interested in understanding how you can benefit from and earn recognition.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ¦° "I want to recognise others!"

Choose this page if you want to implement Open Recognition principles in your programme or organisation.

πŸ“š Find a resource just for you

Explore a library of articles, images, events and more related to Open Recognition crafted by the community.

Who created this?

ORE logo (Open Recognition is for Everybody)

The Open Recognition Toolkit (ORT) is an initiative of the Open Recognition is for Everybody (ORE) community. Inspired by the Credential as You Go playbooks, we aim empowers individuals and organisations to understand and implement Open Recognition principles, fostering a culture of inclusivity and appreciation in various domains.

Go to to find out more about the landscape of practice that is Open Recognition.

Join the working group

The working group behind this toolkit grew out of the ORE community who saw the need for a foundational resource on Open Recognition. Everybody is welcome to join the working group.

😊 Learn more and join us!


Is there something that you would like to be changed or added to the toolkit, or do you have a testimonial of how the ORT has been useful in your context? This is a wiki, so you're welcome to start editing. Otherwise, please fill out the form at the link below!

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