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Badge Wiki is a knowledge base created by the Open Badges community for the Open Badges comunity. The only way that it improves and grows is by everyone getting involved! It doesn't matter whether you're someone who likes writing whole pages, uploading resources, or correcting grammar, we need a wide range of talents and efforts to grow this wiki.

Getting started

  1. Log in (or request an account)
  2. Identify work that needs doing (e.g. add a badge programme, a badge example, some research, or answering a frequently-asked question)
  3. Add content to the relevant page (or create a new page!). Check out well-structured pages such as this one as a guide.
  4. Save your work, providing a summary of what you've done
  5. (optional) Introduce yourself to the Loomio group and tell everyone what you've contributed!

Additional resources

  • Consult the User's Guide for information on using MediaWiki (the software that powers this website)
  • Check out the Wikipedia Community Portal to get an idea of the look/feel for what we're trying to create
  • Browse the archived web version of Stewart Mader's Wikipatterns resource (using the links at the very bottom of each page to navigate)