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This category is assigned to a bunch of articles that help you understand the fundamentals of badges.

See a list of pages Category:Basics

3 great Basics pages

  1. Getting Started
  2. What are Open Badges
  3. Why Badges?


The badge community is huge! There are lots of sub-communities and projects that are developing badges. Learn about some of them with this category.

See a list of pages Category:Community

3 great Community pages

  1. Badge Wiki Community
  2. Communities
  3. Keep Badges Weird


Badges recognise learning, and there are a lot of associated ideas that help badges do that. This category is for pages that are conceptual.

See a list of pages Category:Concepts

4 great Concept pages

  1. Badge Pathways
  2. Badges and Quality
  3. Recognition
  4. Badges and skills


This category relates to events hosted by and in the global badges community. Some pages have links to presentations too! Category:Presentations

See a list of pages Category:Events

3 great Event pages

  1. Events
  2. EPIC Conference
  3. Digital & Alternative Credentials Workshop


A category for things having to do with either the design of badges themselves or the design of badging programmes.

See a list of pages Category:Design

3 great Design pages

  1. Defining the Cast
  2. Designing Open Badges for an International Community
  3. Images and Diagrams


This category has some how-tos and frameworks to make developing badge programmes easier.

See a list of pages Category:Guides

3 great Guides pages

  1. A Guide to Writing Open Badge Metadata
  2. Badge Project Blueprint
  3. Frameworks

Badging Programmes

In this category editors have written about programmes they've seen or been involved in. Do you have a Badging Programme? Add it here!

See a list of pages Category:Badging Programmes

3 great Badging Programme pages

  1. Badgeons La Normandie
  2. Design League
  3. Programmatic Foundations for Badge Portfolios


Badges aren't new and there are loads of programmes and applications that have been studied and reviewed over the years. Check out this category if you're looking for case studies or research projects about badges.

See a list of pages Category:Research

3 great Research pages

  1. Research
  2. Partnership Case Study: Design League Badge Portfolios
  3. Research on Design League Badge Portfolios

Lists & Tools

Two other categories in use are for various sorts of badge related resources. The "Lists" category has pages that contain links out to lots of resources, like a list of organisations issuing badges. The "Tools" category marks articles that link to badge platforms, design tools and other bits of software.

See a list of pages Category:Lists

See a list of pages Category:Tools

3 great Lists & Tools pages

  1. Badge platforms
  2. Educational institutions using and recognizing open badges
  3. Organizations recognizing open badges