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The ePIC conference focuses on ePortfolios, Open Badges, Open Recognition, Identities, Trust, and Blockchains. It has been running since 2003, evolving from its initial focus on ePortfolio.

See Conferences for an overview of all events.



The 2017 edition of the ePIC conference ran for three days in Bologna, Italy 25-27 October. Attendees focused on ten Open Badges Challenges, with Open Recognition Networks" emerging as the overall organizing challenge that connected many of the other ones. Participants demonstrated their projects and perspectives, often connecting back to this. See conference programme. (This link will need to change to the proceedings link when the 2018 conference takes over the main site)

The first International Open Recognition Day

The 2017 Conference was also the first in a series of international days of open recognition on 25 October, where attendees prototyped tools and practices for implementing open recognition in our daily lives, professional and personal. A hackathon team "Team Domino" facilitated by Bert Jehoul presented a prototype developed at #oSoc17, the Open Summer of Code 2017. This prototype http://escobadges.eu/ (Open Source on GitHub: EscoBadges forked from Skillid)