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BADGEONS LA NORMANDIE project is part of a global movement for access to learning recognition for all. This movement was initiated by the Bologna Declaration for an open architecture for the recognition of lifelong learning (, supported by a body of experts, organisations and individuals from the world of education, business, social and humanitarian life.

BADGEONS LA NORMANDIE is open to all individuals, institutions, associations or organizations in the education and training, social integration and employment sectors in Normandy wishing to join us to experiment digital badges for the construction of a learning territory: develop, recognize, value and connect the talents of Normandy.

The public and private agricultural educational establishments in Normandy, both public and private, conduct projects that have in common to give meaning to learning, to reinforce the accompaniment of the personal and professional project of the learners, to recognize and value informal learning.

UNILASALLE, as a higher education institution, promotes cultural and solidarity actions of students, and considers these actions to be commitments that involve the training of organisational skills and responsibility. Badgeons La Normandie will be for Unilasalle, at the Campus de Rouen, a tool for recognizing useful skills in the company and in today's and tomorrow's society.

The Normandy Regional Chamber of Agriculture (CRAN) is piloting the Regional Agro-ecology Pilot Project involving a large number of partners, including agricultural training institutions, and sharing common concerns, particularly on the need to identify emerging know-how and skills, develop best practices or initiatives in the territories, little or no recognized by existing mechanisms and which draw a force of innovation and technical, environmental, social and cultural transformation.

The partners have identified four areas in which they want to collaborate,

Around the person: anchoring and academic success, self-esteem and ability to act; Around employment: employability and professional mobility; Around the territory: identification and promotion of good practices and initiatives in the territories; Around digital: digital inclusion (integration or social and professional adaptation by mobilising digital). and defined the goals of their common project:

Facilitate the recognition and appreciation of people, their skills and formal and informal learning. Preparing learners for lifelong learning Identifying emerging skills, connecting them with the labour market Implement digital tools to foster the ability to act independently of learners.

The current partners are:

  • Secondary and tertiary education (HE and FE), public and private
  • Regional chamber of agriculture
  • Les GRETA normands (continuing education)
  • Le Dôme de Caen (scientific culture)
  • Le réseau Fermes d’Avenir (agriculture)
  • Le réseau ACSAD
  • CANOPE Normandie (secondary education resource provider/centre)
  • CIBC de l’Eure (career counseling)