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This is a list of current events that are focused on Open Badges and Open Recognition.

  • EPIC - is a conference on ePortfolios, Open Badges, Open Recognition, Identities, Trust, Blockchains .This conference has been active 2003-present with a focus on Open Badges since 2014.
  • Badge Summit - an event focused on the exploration of micro-credentials, access and equity. Taking annually place at the University of Colorado Boulder in Boulder, Colorado.
  • ICoBC Symposium on Open Badges the day before the OEB conference in Berlin.

Past Events

This is a list of events that took place in the past.

  • European Summit on Badges - IMS Global and Digitalme scheduled a 1-day summit with technical and non-technical tracks focusing on the European community for London, 1 December 2017.
  • Summit to Reconnect Learning - The MacArthur Foundation and Sprout Fund offered a two-day summit in 2014 that also served as the launch of the Badge Alliance, representing the point when the Open Badges project graduated out of Mozilla and became an initiative offered by and for the open community.