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API / Micro Services Testing.




Able to take responsibility for API / Micro Services activities by providing IBM IGNITE Quality and Test services using IBM assets; methods and engagement practices. IGNITE Quality and Test leverages unique IBM cognitive and test optimization technology to minimize and accelerate testing while providing a predictive outcome.

Badge Criteria

What it takes to earn this badge:

  • Earner is an employee of IBM
  • Combinatial Test Design
  • Complete the following Learning Programmes: API Testing-Automation and SV One Scripting Language Training (Groovy Python) Microservices 101 Webservices and XML
  • Demonstrated the value to clients of API / Micro Services Testing by: Utilising the IBM IGNITE Application Impact Testing method to design and execute test cases Utilising API Testing and Scripting knowledge in one me automation tools such as Groovy Python etc to design and implement the automation framewk Developing code based reusable assets Suppting and participating in Proof of Concepts
  • Completed 2 projects with minimal 2000 hours demonstrating ce skills as defined in the GBS Progression & Promotion model
  • Demonstrated the IT Development & Implementation skills criteria as defined in the GBS Progression & Promotion model
  • Apply f this badge


Skills indicated by the badge

Requirement Analysis|Process|Specifications|Use Cases|Test Metrics|Ignite Tools|Defect Prevention|Shift Left Practice|Test Environments|Test Automation|Agile|Dev Ops|Estimations|Combinatorial Test Design|CTD|Quality Assurance|QA|Ignite|Application Impact Testing|Test Strategy

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