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Adult education, lifelong learning and competences.


University of Ferrara.

Issued since 14 September 2016.


This Badge is earned by learners participating in the course "Adult education, lifelong learning and competences" offered by EduOpen. The Badge is to all intents and purposes the course’s certificate of attendance.

Badge Criteria

The owner of this badge has taken part in the online course "Adult education, lifelong learning and competences". The badge is issued if the candidate: has watched the video lessons; has done forum activities; has conducted self-assessment tests.


The owner of this Badge participated in and successfully completed the course "Adult education, lifelong learning and competences", with the following results: Explain the relation of Adult education with continuing education in a Lifelong Learning perspective. Identify professionally, family and social methods of re-orientation and re-designing in adulthood. Understand critically the complexity of the competence construct, knowing how to identify the implicit and explicit dimensions. Find the own way around models, methods and techniques to assess competences in formal, non-formal and informal contexts.


Lifelonglearning, SocialScience, Assessment

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