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Aerospace & Defense Insights & Solutions (Silver).




Able to apply new insights and solutions to change a company's business model and/or operating model

Badge Criteria

What it takes to earn this badge:

  • Assessed the impact of industry and marketplace trends and competitive industry standards or regulatory pain points on a business in Aerospace & Defense
  • Applied value chain solutions in Aerospace & Defense
  • Applied knowledge of Aerospace & Defense business processes key perfmance indicats and industry benchmarks to deliver successful outcomes
  • Researched an Aerospace & Defense ganizations competitive position and its relative industry demands. Used this research and knowledge of current offerings to develop and articulate alternative solutions.
  • EARN Currently this badge is only available f IBM Employees. Follow this link to earn this badge.


Skills indicated by the badge

Aircraft Engines|Airlines|Asset Availability & Performance Optimization|Aviation|Benchmarks|Business Aviation|Business Models|Business Processes|Commercial Aerospace Companies|Commercial Aircraft|Continuous Engineering|Engineering|Engineering Design & Program Optimization|Export Regulations|Field Support|Government|Industry Segments|Industry Trends & Issues|KPIs|Large Defense Companies|Logistics|Manufacturing|Manufacturing Planning & Quality Optimization|Military Aircraft|Missiles|Regulatory Environment|Service Management Optimization|Shipbuilding|Ships|Space Systems|Spacecraft|Supply Chain|Value Chain|Weapons Systems|Satellite Operations

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