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All Flash Storage Essentials V1.




This badge earner has demonstrated a foundational understanding of the IBM All Flash Portfolio of storage solutions; allowing them to effectively engage in IBM Flash Storage sales conversations with prospective clients.

Badge Criteria

What it takes to earn this badge:

  • Must be an IBM Business Partner employee or an IBM employee.
  • Completion of the following 12 modules:
  • Module 1:  Introducing the IBM All Flash Ptfolio & IBM Strategy
  • Module 2:  Types of Flash Stage
  • Module 3:  Selling Effective Capacity
  • Module 4:  FlashSystem 900 is the Spectrum Booster
  • Module 5:  Why Stage Virtualization with Stwize and FlashSystem V9000
  • Module 6:  Opptunities with FlashSystem A9000 and A9000R
  • Module 7:  How Elastic Stage Server Benefits Big Data and Analytics
  • Module 8:  Identify DS888xF Opptunities
  • Module 9:  Why a Converged Solution with VersaStack
  • Module 10: The Right Flash f the Right Wkload
  • Module 11:  All Flash Tools & Resources and


Skills indicated by the badge

Flash|SSD|FlashSystem|FlashCore|Spectrum Accelerate|Spectrum Virtualize|Spectrum Scale|Mainframe|IBM Flash SAN|Cloud Storage|Virtualize Storage|Grid Storage|Open Systems Storage|Object Storage|Tier 0 Storage|Tier 1 Storage|IBM Storage Solutions

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