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Alternation School Work:Student Administration System(ESSE3).



Issued since 16 March 2017.


The Cineca Consortium issues this Badge to students of Class 4D, informatics specialisation, of the Belluzzi-Fioravanti Institute, for the academic year 2016/2017, who participated in the experience of Work experience in school-time at its head office. Work experience in school-time consists of the completion of planned, implemented and verified paths under the responsibility of the scholastic or educational institution, on the basis of special agreements with companies which are open to accepting students for periods of learning in work situations. It consists of 200 hours spent in companies from 02/02/2017 to 10/02/2017 and from 27/02/2017 to 17/03/2017. The holder of this Badge has attended 56 hours of training courses, including: SQL: he or she has learned how to create tables in which data can be shared by various associated users, and how to use restrictions and JOINs. Communication: he or she has learned the various differences between the social networks, the use of Canva for creation of fliers, and WordPress for building a website. SEO: he or she has learned how to choose canals for communication, how to handle research engines and what content to use. User Experience and Usability: he or she has learned how to describe subjectively whether a website under consideration is user friendly and understandable to the end user. Subsequently to the training course, the holder of the Badge joined the Cineca ESSE3 team and carried out the following activities: - Software development with Eclipse: he or she has learned how to write projects in Java using Eclipse and supply the automatic tests of the product code using Junit. - Development of an And

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The Work experience in school-time: Student Administration System (ESSE3) has been issued to the students of Class 4D informatics for the academic year2016/2017 of the Belluzzi-Fioravanti Institute for attending: 20 hours of an SQL training course48 hours of training courses in communications and SEO12 hours of training courses in User Experience2 hours of two and three level architecture2 hours of Esse3 architecture44 hours of Java development with Eclipse36 hours of application development with Android36 hours of Crystal report development on Esse3


The holder of this Badge has attended the Work experience in school-time experience (2017 edition) in Cineca and has acquired the knowledge and skills listed here. Competencies: Knowing how to interact with basic data reports through SQLKnowing how to develop a Java application using Eclipse and test its content with JUnitKnowing how to develop a “calculator app on Android making use of EclipseKnowing how to develop reports with Crystal Report and incorporate them into the Esse3 student administration systemSkills: Knowing how to make simple solutions in JavaKnowing how to make simple solutions in AndroidKnowing how to interrogate databases through SQLKnowing how to make reports in Crystal ReportKnowledge: Basic knowledge of Java, Eclipse, JUnitKnowledge of usability and User ExperienceBasic knowledge of: SQL language (creation of tables with data that can be shared by various associated users and of the use of restrictions and JOINs), MySql client, relational modelBasic knowledge of AndroidBasic knowledge of SEOSoft skills: Knowing how to use indications and suggestions received and learn from one’s own mistakesKnowing how to organise one’s own daily workCooperation to fulfil a task or organise one’s own workKnowing how to put into practice indications and suggestions received (working independently)Correct involvement in the company environment (punctuality, respect for the place and equipment)Accuracy in the tasks to be fulfilled Motivation (interest in and commitment to tasks assigned)Knowing how to relate both to others and to respect for the work environment (e. g. cordiality, politeness, respect for the rules of conduct, safety, etc. )


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