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Analytics Foundational Knowledge.




The badge earner understands and can articulate foundational knowledge of IBMs Analytics go-to-market strategy and solution portfolio. They are able to define and explain the five focus areas and products or components aligned to the focus area. They also have a foundational understanding of IBMs Data First Method and the end-to-delivery flow.

Badge Criteria

What it takes to earn this badge:

  • Successfully passing an assessment exam with 80% or better to demonstrate foundational knowledge of IBM's Analytics Focus 5 and IBMs Data First Method as listed below: Data Science and Machine Learning Unified Governance Hybrid Data Management Data Analytics and Visualization Open Source Data First Method


Skills indicated by the badge

Focus 5|Unified Governance|Machine Learning|Data Science|Hybrid Data Management|Data Analytics And Visualization|Open Source|Hadoop|Spark|Analytics|Data First Method

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