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Analytics Technical Sales Specialist Project - Level 1.




The badge earner has demonstrated the application of their skills and experience as an IBM Technical Specialist in a successful Analytics technical sales client engagement or project. At Level 1 the badge earner has performed their role with some supervision or mentoring. This badge may form part of an application for certification at the Experienced Level in the IBM Technical Specialist Profession. This badge is only available to IBM employees.

Badge Criteria

What it takes to earn this badge:

  • Document a successful client project in which the badge earner has particpated in terms of the business opportunity or problem its solution the outcome and the lessons learned with particular emphasis on the role performed by the badge earner.
  • Use the description of the project to provide evidence that badge earner has demonstrated a number of  specific technical skills in their area of expertise that are required f an application f certification in the IBM Technical Specialist profession at the Experienced Level.
  • Discuss the project documentation with a Subject Matter Expert to demonstrate adequately that the badge earner applied their knowledge and skills in contributing to a successful project outcome at the level appropriate f this badge.
  • The badge application must be approved by the Subject Matter Expert who conducted the review
  • Document a successful sale (new business ELA burndown) using your Analytics technical skills through the sales lifecycle including opptunity qualification business case and technical activities.
  • The additional infmation link is only accessible by IBM employees.


Skills indicated by the badge

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