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Animals... who are them? Who are us?.


University of Foggia.

Issued since 27 June 2016.


This Badge is earned by learners participating in the course "Animals. . . who are them? Who are us?" offered by EduOpen. The Badge is to all intents and purposes the course’s certificate of attendance.

Badge Criteria

The owner of this badge has taken part in the online course "Animals. . . who are them? Who are us?". The course offers to anyone interested in an accompanying path to the basics of general concepts and basic principles of animal life, students who want to enroll at the scientific University or person interested in the topic. Each participant has seen all the video lessons and developed the self-assessment exercises proposed by the teacher.


The owner of this Badge participated and successfully concluded the course "Animals. . . who are them? Who are us?", lerning  the following items of KNOWLEDGE: biological terminology; sampling techniques and collection; comparative analysis of macro and microscopic anatomy.


Science, Animal, Zoology

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