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Antitrust Course 2016.


TIM Academy.

Issued since 26 May 2016.


This Badge certifies that the holder has participated in the Antitrust Course 2016 organised by TIM for its own employees. The aim of the course is to train its employees in correct application of Antitrust regulations regarding the various operational functions of the company, both in order to ensure maximum dissemination and awareness of the relevant regulations and thus functional, fair competition in the interest of its customers and other market operators, and in order to increase awareness of the risks of penalties and compensation payments, especially for functions dealing in sensitive activities. The course lasts 6 hours, including periods of learning, verifying and certifying, and is aimed at approximately 3200 employees, managers and coordinators who operate in roles that are sensitive in terms of rights of competition.  Teaching is the responsibility of experts in the sector and from the  Regulatory Affair and Equivalence Functon of the company, TIM. It is a blended course, consisting of completion of an online part (lasting 2 hours) preparatory to participation in a classroom stage (lasting 4 hours). The latter includes action learning methodologies through study of actual cases and mock-ups of typical situations, which may be subject to potential investigations by the Authority. The stages of involvement of course participants in classroom sessions include individual study and discussion of the case internally within each group. This is followed by a reading by each participating group of its own position (“Final Hearing and resolution of the case.  There are 46 courses held over the whole country. Every two years, refresher meetings will be held. Employees will also be periodically selected for inclusion in the training course, according to requirements resulting from organisational and management changes. Course contents: Introduction to antitrust regulations (Definitions, Content, Liabilities of the company and its employees, Risks for the company); Restrictive agreements between competitors, especially between competing companies (Concepts; Principal cases, including vertical agreements; General rules of behaviour, with special reference to tenders); Abuse of a position of dominance (Concepts; Principal cases); Written communication (illustration of connected issues and indication of the proper methods for use).

Badge Criteria

The holder of this Badge has made use of the online module (lasting 2 hours) and attended the classroom session (lasting 4 hours) of the Antitrust Course 2016 organised by TIM for its own employees. After attending the classroom stage, the holder of this Badge has correctly answered 100% of the questions in the learning test (online questionnaire), earning the entitlement to receive the Badge certifying his or her competencies and knowledge.


The holder of this Badge has demonstrated possession of the following SOFT SKILLS: written and spoken communication; problem solving; systematic thinking. The holder of this Badge has demonstrated that he or she has acquired the following items of KNOWLEDGE: Antitrust regulations: the aims of antitrust regulations; areas where antitrust regulations may apply; types of antitrust irregularity; restrictive agreements between competitors; abuse of a position of dominance. Written documentation: general concepts; inspection of examples of acquired documents; basic rules of behaviour. Code of ethics and conduct; Code of antitrust conduct.


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