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Badge Bloom is an ideation tool created by Bryan Mathers for Visual Thinkery.

It promotes a simple process for the creation of a badge idea, and sharing it with others.

Badge Bloom Template.png

How to use Badge Bloom:

Badge Bloom can be used by individuals or groups as a quickfire way of generating and discussing badging ideas, and how they might fit together to form a badge landscape.

  1. Start by giving your badge a name and a colour.
  2. Next, think about who could be the issuer of the badge.
  3. And who could be the earner of the badge.
  4. While you're there - think about why the earner would want to earn the badge - what would be their motivation, how would be useful to them?
  5. Then think about what they might have to do to earn it, what could be sufficiently measured?
  6. Think about who could be the assessor and practically determine that the criteria for the badge has been met? Might you need to use a mixture of people? Or a mixture of assessment methods?
  7. Lastly think of what could the earner achieve next after successfully completing this badge.
  8. Download the badge bloom idea, and share with your co-collaborators.

If you have ideas how to improve Badge Bloom, please contact Visual Thinkery.