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Blue Core Coaching Supervisor.




A Blue Core Coaching Supervisor has successfully demonstrated a growth mindset; self-efficacy; passion; coaching presence; learning agility; effective leadership behaviors; and a collaborative learning practice to continually build the capacity and confidence of the Blue Core Coach (BCC) trainee through reflective dialogue and active listening that benefits the BCC coach trainee the IBM organization; and the BCC coach trainee’s internal business clients.

Badge Criteria

What it takes to earn this badge:

  • Completed an intense 4 week Blue Core Coaching Train-the-Supervisor program in order to build an understanding of the role of the Coach Supervisor in Blue Core Coaching (BCC) learn how to establish a trusting environment to build capacity and confidence and administer learning using digital tools
  • Successfully led a coht of BCC Coaches through the BCC coaching skills training program
  • Able to create an engaging learning experience f a group of aspiring coaches transition to a growth mindset and continuously improve every day. Able to establish trust and a supptive environment f group discussions during difficult times
  • Skilled in the application of the GROW model in a business context and teach it to others skilled in curious thinking and powerful questioning and in Emotional Intelligence by managing and recognizing one’s own emotions understanding other people what motivates them and how to partner with them
  • Demonstrates the application of the SCARF model and neuroscience to facilitate intimate and supptive conversations
  • EARN: IBM Employees only. Member of the IBM Coaching Community of Practice (Required)


Skills indicated by the badge

Coach|Coaching|Listening|Leadership​ Development​|Personal Development|Professional Development|Progression|Growth|Awareness|ICF|International Coaching Federation|Competencies|GROW|SCARF|Feedback|Neuroscience|Building Relationships|Active Listening|Powerful Questioning|Questioning|Trust|Client Facing|Influencing|Business Coaching|Executive Coaching|Growth Mindset|Change Management|Learning|Mindfulness|Emotional Intelligence|EQ

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