Effective practices

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Effective practices

Creating badge images

Working with stakeholders

Evidenced based badges/ competency based learning

  • Inquiry-based processes provide a platform for Badge participants to apply new learning (skills and concepts) immediately in their place of work. Inquiry based processes are intended to support a drive toward high quality application of a new skill and/or concept. Further, participants gain greater control of their learning when they form their own inquiry questions and determine the type of evidence to collect.
    • Participants design their own inquiry questions based on a general topic of the Badge experience
    • Participants collect evidence as they apply new learning (skills and concepts) to their work.
    • Participants can work with colleagues and coaches to analyze and understand the depth and quality of applying new skills as represented through evidence.
    • Opportunities for reflection, with others and alone, support deeper, more transformative learning. Reflecting with colleagues in a shared badging experience offers greater opportunities to build skills. Personal reflection through writing, drawing, and thinking support participants as they learn more about their own learning.
    • Evidence collection in a badge process should be less about accountability and more focused on using evidence to improve the quality of work.