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Entrepreneurship Basic.


Fondazione Golinelli.

Issued since 03 July 2015.


"Giardino delle imprese - High School" (roughly translated as Garden of start-ups) is an informal educational path aimed at bringing youth closer to entrepreneurial culture. The program is for high school students and is has 4 phases:a 2-weeks summer camp between June and July, and one more week at the and of Augustsome time to develop the project in autumna financing programme for the most interesting projectsan accelerator programme for the financed ideasThe project consists of an idea that could be innovative and lead to a new startup - the focus being to improve the fruit production chain in Emilia-Romagna, moving towards an internationalization process of its small and medium entreprises and consortia.The goal of "Giardino delle imprese" is to stimulate the development of the so-called soft skills, and of individual abilities: attitudes, aptitudes and talents that can later be leveraged by a person in various contexts. Such skills are useful to deal with the complexity and unpredictability of a global multicultural world: a sense of responsiblity, study and work ethics, critical thinking, imagination, curiosity, passion, leadership, independence, problem solving, decision making, team work, team building, communication, entrepreneurship, flexibility, the ability to do and to try, to fail and to learn, to change.Fondazione Golinelli awards this Badge to those students who - besides having learnt the basic tools of design thinking, presentation design and how to define a business idea (business model canvas  and business plan) - also demonstrate the development of entrepreneurial competencies and skills.To find out more about 2015/2016 edition please visit http://www.giardinodelleimprese.it/edizione-2015/

Badge Criteria

The student attended "Giardino delle imprese High School" 2015/2016.The student attended the Summer Camp, worked in groups and presented a final project of entrepreneurship.During the course and the teamwork activities, the student’s following learning outcomes have been observed:Enterprising spirit and proacvitity; Communication Leadership Team working Problem solving Planning and organization/management


This badge certifies that students who attended "Giardino delle imprese-High School" 2015/2016 have acquired the following skills:Enterprising spirit and proacvitityCommunicationLeadershipTeam workingProblem solvingPlanning and organization/management


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