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Possible source for this page: Literature review prepared in 2015 by Katie Freund and Penny Wheeler (chiefly Australian initiatives)

University - Workplace Partnerships

Some universities have developed their initial explorations into credentialing into ventures to serve their students as job seekers and address employer needs.

For example:

  • Credential Engine - this non-profit intends to expand the Credential Registry started by a partnership, known as the Credential Transparency Initiative, made up of George Washington University and other partners including ANSI (American National Standards Institute). A search tool for registered credentials (Credential Finder) is in prototype.

University - Endorsement Partnerships

Some universities have developed initial explorations into credential "endorsement" for the purpose of admissions, program matching, or fulfillment of university charters toward diversity and inclusion.

For example:

  • Design League by Mouse began convening university partners along with Parsons School of Design in 2016 with a goal of iterating on the concept of "endorsement partnership" toward mutual goals of broadening participation in STEM and STEM cognate pathways. Research related to this work has been funded by the National Science Foundation of the United States.