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IBM Cloud Object Storage Expert (Level I).




This badge earner understands the architecture and functions of IBM Cloud Object Storage including Erasure Coding; SmartWrite/SmartRead and zero-touch encryption. They are capable of positioning it within the IBM Spectrum portfolio; integrate it with IBM Spectrum Storage and differentiate it from competitive offerings. The badge holder is able to identify use cases and size solutions in terms of capacity and performance. They are able to install; configure and manage IBM Cloud Object Storage.

Badge Criteria

What it takes to earn this badge:

  • Optional - Participation in the IBM Cloud Object Storage web session.
  • Successful completion in the 2 day IBM Cloud Object Stage - Hands-on Wkshop.
  • 80% completion of all labs.


Skills indicated by the badge

Cleversafe dsNet|Encryption|IBM Cloud Object Storage|Cloud|Sizing And Implementation

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