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IBM Power Open Data Platform v1.




This badge holder has a foundational understanding of the Open Data Platform for IBM Power Systems offering; which allows them to collaborate with their clients to identify the best Open Data Platform solution to meet their business needs. This badge is only available for IBM employees and IBM Business Partner employees.

Badge Criteria

What it takes to earn this badge:

  • Must be an IBM employee or IBM Business Partner employee
  • Completion of the Open Data Platfm roadmap training consisting of the following 8 learning modules requiring approximately 8 hours of study.
  • Module 1 - Open Data Platfm Market Opptunity Trends and Directions (ltu58907)
  • Module 2 - Open Data on Power Linux (ltu58908)
  • Module 3 - Why Power Open Source DB's on OpenPower and Power Systems (ltu58904)
  • Module 4 - Hadoop on IBM Power Systems - What Can You Offer Clients Now (ltu58033)
  • Module 5 - Neo4j Deep Dive (ltu58910)
  • Module 6 - Seller and Business Partner Resources - Open Data Platfm on POWER (ltu58902)
  • Module 7 - EnterpriseDB Deep Dive (ltu59466)
  • Module 8 - MongoDB Deep Dive (ltu59460)
  • Power Open Data Platfm Sales Completion Test - (ltu58895) - consisting of a 30 question assessment requiring a sce of 75% higher to earn this credential.


Skills indicated by the badge

IBM Power Systems|Open Source|Open Database|Hadoop|MongoDB|enterpriseDB|Redis Labs|Neo4j|POWER8

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