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iOS Developer - Expert.




Certified to lead iOS app development engagements. Guides teams to apply best practices on any iOS app engagements. Evaluates mobile development trends to develop scalable iOS apps Elevates cross-functional team capabilities; engenders co-operation. Contributes to mobile transformation with multiple apps at a single client.

Badge Criteria

What it takes to earn this badge:

  • Completed a 5-days intermediate iOS Developer course and Completed experts online programs on sharing codes performance and testing controls automation custom controls and advance UI
  • Sced at least 80% on the iOS Developer - Intermediate online assessment
  • Completed a minimum of four iOS app projects with complete hands-on engagement with at least two projects as Tech Lead f the duration of the project and also demonstrated commitment to iOS Development excellence at IBM through menting leading training contributing improving MFiOS assets awards other internal external recognition f iOS Development
  • Received board endsement as a result of the Project Ptfolio review and received two client leadership references
  • Currently this badge is only available f IBM Employees.


Skills indicated by the badge

Apple And IBM Partnership|Client Engagements|Client Experience And Interaction|Client Facing Interaction|Mobile Problem Solving|iOS Fundamentals|iOS In Enterprise|Swift|AssemblyKit|AppStore Review Guidelines|Development And Support Of iOS Application Developed Using iOS Native Platform|Xcode|Bluemix|MFP-backend Code|Mentoring|Training|Harvesting Assets

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