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Interskill - Mainframe Specialist - Linux Operations and Programming - Experienced.




This badge earner has experience with the Linux environment (structure; interfaces; and operational processes) and understands shell syntax; commands; and utilities. This individual is proficient with the VI editor; using it to create; open and update text files; and is experienced using the shell as a programming tool.

Badge Criteria

What it takes to earn this badge:

  • NOTE: IBM employees must follow this link for access to the courses associated with this badge and all other Interskill Learning provided training. All others are required to follow the criteria requirements that follow.
  • F non-IBM employees successful completion of the following courses is required:
  • Interskill eLearning Course: Introduction to Linux
  • Interskill eLearning Course: The Linux File System
  • Interskill eLearning Course: Editing with VI
  • Interskill eLearning Course: Linux Shell Programming
  • Interskill eLearning Course: Linux Operations


Skills indicated by the badge

Linux|Systems Programmer

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