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KBW at The Badge Summit 22 badge.png

Keep Badges Weird is an emerging Community of Practice exploring the badges landscape and helping people understand that badges are more than just credentials.

In this highly participatory session, we use an organising metaphor of co-creating pizza toppings to delve into how to design an equitable, emergent badge system that works for Communities of Practice.

Additionally, we will share tips to help practitioners of all kinds advocate for the recognition system that fits their unique needs, whether that is Higher Education, informal education, or anything inbetween!

(oh, and we'll be issuing badges for those who turn up and keep things weird...)

You can read all about this session in Keep Badges Weird: helping people understand the badges landscape: Our easy-to-repeat workshop for The Badge Summit 2022! Our session slides are here and the Event description is on the Badge Summit site.