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Mobile Application Developer - Instructor Award for Professionals 2016.




Under guidance of an experienced instructor; this badge earner has demonstrated the ability to teach others on development; testing; debugging and deployment of hybrid mobile applications using jQuery; Dojo and Apache Cordoba application development skills; using IBM MobileFirst. This individual has demonstrated proficiency teaching students how to use tools; such as Android SDK and Xcode; to create and publish mobile applications in public marketplaces and private enterprises.

Badge Criteria

What it takes to earn this badge:

  • Expected to be an Information Technology professional working for IBM an IBM Customer or Business Partner and attending the IBM Skills Academy.
  • Teaching of Module I - Mobile Computing Overview: Covering mobile application trends use of mobile in the enterprise and examination of mobile computing case studies.
  • Teaching of Module II - Mobile Application Foundations: Covering HTML5 and JavaScript programming and Dojo Mobile and JQuery web app development.
  • Teaching of Module III - Mobile Application Developer: Covering Mobile app design types Android IOS platfms Client-side API's cross-platfm ptability Mobile Framewks - Dojo and jQuery Mobile and Sencha Touch UI Apache Cdova framewk f native functions Mobile Enterprise - IBM MobileFirst server-side APIs f back-end integration Security authentication techniques and Updates and version management.
  • Teaching the course under the supervision of a qualified instruct and receiving teaching approval from the supervising instruct.
  • Receiving a 70% positive survey feedback.
  • Receiving the Mastery Award f Professionals 2016 Badge.


Skills indicated by the badge

Cross Platform Portability|Location Services|Deployment|Command Line Interface|Operational Analytics|Team Development|Administration Security|Application Center|Worklight Server|Eclipse Studio|IBM Worklight Studio|Mobile Computing|Mobile Application Developer|HTML5|CSS|JavaScript|Dojo Mobile|jQuery Mobile|Android SDK|iOS|Mobile Browser Simulator|Push Notification|Hybrid Coding|Sencha Touch UI Framework|Direct Update|Apache Cordova|Application

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