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Salesforce has been granted a patent around Digital badging for facilitating virtual recognition of an achievement. The 'priority' date for this is 12th September 2014, yet there has been a lot of badging activity before this! Let's use this page to collate examples, using the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine to find links from before September 2014.


Please use the following places to discuss the community responses to Salesforce's actions:

Prior Art Examples:

Open Badges project

The Open Badges project was proposed in 2010 and began in 2011. Here is a link to as it existed on 3rd June 2011. There is also the Mozilla wiki page for the Open Badges project as it existed on 7th August 2011.

Brigham Young University - McKay School of Education

The McKay School of Education began issuing digital badges to pre-service teachers in March of 2013. Here is a link to to their webpage as it existed in January of 2014. However, the creators of these badges published an article in TechTrends in late 2013 outlining their framework and images related to the IPT Ed Tec badge system.

Open Badges for virtual exchange

Conceived to recognise effective online intercultural exchange as part of a large scale virtual exchange for language learning (Clavier - Warwick/Clermont Ferrand) these badges (examples from 2017) and their use is researched and published .