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RIF Federated Website.


IT Systems -Portal Management and E-learning.

Issued since 19 April 2016.


This Badge is issued to Representatives for information and services (RIF) for the Federal Portal of the University of Turin, who are responsible for the management of websites of Organisational Units set up on the Drupal platform. The websites of Organisational Units (Schools, Libraries, Centres, Museums or Archives) are a strategic tool for the purposes of integrated information with the Unito.it Portal (Federal Portal of the University) and direct communications with users. The RIF are the reference figures for the management and coordination of information flows regarding publishing and updating contents on the websites of organisational units under their control. This Badge gives validity to the individual competencies of the FEDERATED WEBSITE RIF.

Badge Criteria

This Badge is issued to employees of the University of Turin who have been officially appointed  as Representatives for information and services (RIF) for the Federal Portal for the Federated Website service and have participated in the training course. The Badge certifies successful completion of the course and passing of the final examination, which consists of an online test and an interview: it demonstrates knowledge of reference documentation and ability to ensure proper fulfilment of the role.


The holder of this Badge has already acquired the "Representatives for information and services-Federal Portal " Badge and therefore possesses the valid competencies. The holder of this Badge also carries out the following activities: managing the publication of documents and taking care of the informative aspects of the website of his or her own Organisational Unit, keeping to the procedures laid down by the managers of his or her own structure and by the Management of Information Systems, Portal and Orientation; attending meetings with other RIF’s in order to create a coordinated image of the University and to ensure constant development of the University’s Federal Portal; fostering knowledge of solutions and services that are already available within his or her own Organisational Unit; undertaking to check that information published on his or her own website is clear, accurate and not redundant, when compared with contents already published on the Portal; participating in training and refresher courses concerning tools available for website management and other issues relevant to communicating through the web; supervising and administering the system for management of website contents; gathering, organising and updating in person any information and documents intended to be published on the website of his or her own Organisational Unit.


Teamwork, Proactivity, Communication

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