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Summer School of Government and Citizenship.



Issued since 28 August 2015.


The RENA Summer School on good governance and active citizenship was born in 2010 from the belief that improvement of the quality of democracy and of the public administration are in the hands of the citizens. Since then, the Summer School has taken place every year in Matera with one main goal: to analyze and discuss the relationship between politics and public administration, local government and active citizenship. The objective is to make citizens more aware and to give them the right tools to make democracy more and more participatory, overcoming the traditional division between active and passive players within public politics and social and market dynamics. The 2015 edition’s theme is the transformation of the intermediaries role, analyzed under several points of view: from the creation of public policies to political action, and from market to collective action and intermediate bodies. The 5 days are built to promote contextualization and understanding of change. Each day will offer new ideas and interpretations, following 5 main guidelines: policy, politics, engagement, markets, bodies (and the self ). Every day includes lectures and interactive workshops. Moreover, there will be many moments in which students will be able to exchange projects and skills and to foster new networks and relationships to support their projects which better fit with the vision of RENA. This badge certifies the membership in the RENA Community of Change regarding good governance and active citizenship. RENA awards this badge to the students that show how-through participation in the Summer School - they acquired or strengthened the skills needed to conceive and realize positive changes in their surroundings. Amongst these skills, most important are: civic responsibility, openness, balance, critical thinking, creativity, self-esteem and ability to make mistakes, leadership, social skills, resourcefulness, resilience, motivation, comprehensive vision, communication skills, self-awareness and contextual awareness. For further information: http: //www.

Badge Criteria

The owner of this badge has shown, with documentation and testimony, during the application process, to have taken active part in projects on good governance and active citizenship’s themes. She/he attended the 2015 edition of RENA Summer School Government and Citizenship. She/he actively attended every class and participated in team work. The student has been observed during the duration of the course and has been evaluated on the following skills: Civic responsibilityCritical thinkingCreativityResourcefulnessPolicy makingCivic engagementData driven decisionTaking this testimony into account, RENA attests that the student is now part of the RENA Community of Change on the themes of Good Governance and Active Citizenship.


Civic responsibilityCritical thinkingCreativityResourcefulnessPolicy makingCivic engagementData driven decision


Civicengagement, Datadrivendecision, Policymaking

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