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To do

  • Recommended questions to perform needs analysis
  • Relevant approaches for developing badge systems
    • Badge pathways - going beyond the single badge - already exists
    • Choosing a platform (already done) - already exists
  • Outline of the client facilitation process
    • How do you run a session to design badge systems? - DB to check on this
    • What do people need to consider? - DB to check on this
    • Which activities could you use? - DB to check on this
  • Examples for specific contexts including case studies and badge examples (look/feel)
    • Badge examples - already exists
    • Case studies - DB to check on this
    • Any examples in banking / finance?
  • Options that should be discussed and considered to mitigate risks and challenges for badge projects
    • Pre-mortem - DB / BM to co-create
  • Lessons learned page