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Telecommunications Insights and Solutions (Bronze).




Awarded to a candidate that understands the client’s industry and applies that knowledge to deliver outstanding client value. It involves using knowledge related to business challenges; industry trends the competition; business models.

Badge Criteria

What it takes to earn this badge:

  • Industry Trends: Uses knowledge of industry trends and competitive or regulatory pain points in an industry to enhance client interactions
  • Solutions & Services: Uses knowledge of industry-specific solutions and strategies to enhance client interactions
  • Industry Structure & Operations: Enhances client interactions by applying knowledge of the industry and its competitive landscape specific industry segments and the industry value chain including specific industry business processes and key perfmance indicats
  • Knowledge Sharing: Locates and uses internal industry-specific intellectual capital leveraging expertise from outside your immediate ganization.  Actively participates in IBM's industry communities
  • EARN Currently this badge is only available f IBM Employees. Follow this link to earn this badge


Skills indicated by the badge

Regulation|Cloud Platform|Industry Trends & Issues|Industry Segments|Regulatory Environment|KPIs|Benchmarks|Strategy|Cost Benefit|Risk Assessment|Competitive Analysis|Omni Channel|Blockchain|End To End Digitization|Analytics|Risk|Compliance

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