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Jaime Gutierrez conducts research that generates new insights into how technology can be used effectively to improve outcomes for students in formal and informal spaces. This involves working in collaboration with universities, educators, caregivers, students, and media producers to develop digital tools that create opportunities for those who are traditionally underrepresented and under-resourced. He brings experience in formative and summative research and evaluation, with an interest in qualitative methods. His research interests include equitable access to education for low-income families, how caregivers can support their children in learning, and how digital tools can play a role in forming identities.

Currently, Jaime is the project manager on Design League Badge Portfolios, a National Science Foundation-funded research and development initiative to iteratively develop and study an alternative credentialing process that gives underserved youth a technology-supported method for presenting their Interactive Communication Technology (ICT) achievements. He is also a researcher on Ready To Learn, a U.S. Department of Education-supported initiative led by PBS and CPB that conducts research on how to use media resources to improve the school readiness of preschool children in low-income communities. Most recently, Jaime was the Project Director on Civics 101 Teacher Needs Assessment, funded by New Hampshire Public Radio, to learn more about the needs, practices, and goals of teachers with regards to civics-focused audio content for middle- and high-school youth. Findings from this project informed future public media programming and distribution of Civics 101 podcasts for use in classrooms and at home.

Partners of the projects Jaime has contributed to include the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Public Broadcasting Service, Sesame Street, New Hampshire Public Radio, Parsons School of Design, Mouse, DreamYard, NYC Department of Education, and WGBH.

Jaime earned his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Rutgers University. Prior to joining EDC, he taught Spanish to children ages three to eight at a Montessori school in New Jersey.